Previous: Battle of Scoodus IV
Battle of Scoodus Prime
Conflict: Scoodian War
Date: August-October, 2548
Place: Scoodus Prime
Result: Alliance victory
Occupation of Scoodus Prime
Treaty of Harvest


Scoodian Empire


Elias Carin (Terran Federation)
Nickolai Jenkins (Terran Federation)
Sacelos (Nihydron Star Republic)
Kozel (Mawasi Empire)

Emperor Turhan
General Antono Refa


290th Legion
Third Legion
Yellow Jackets
50,000 Mawasi soldiers
30,000 Nihydron soldiers

200,000 Soldiers
4 divisions of motorized vehicles




The Battle of Scoodus Prime was the final battle in the Scoodian War.


In the final year of the Scoodian War, the governments of the Alliance agreed on a joint invasion of the Scoodian homeworld of Scoodus Prime, led by the Terran Federation. Following the assault on the moon Scoodus IV, the Scoodus defense system had been disabled allowing the invasion vessels to land on Scoodus Prime.

The battleEdit

Initial assaultsEdit

Following the initial landing, Terran Federation general Elias Carin led a group of Terran Federation soldiers to the city of Kaldin in order to claim as the forward base for their invasion of Scoodus Prime. At least seven Terran Federation soldiers perished in the assault, while several Scoodian soldiers and their commander Dorva was taken as a prisoner.

While General Carin took Kaldin, the Mawasi general Kozel utilized his army of Wetraza and Huanni to intimidate the city of Resdin into surrendering. Sacelos, the Nihydron commander, led a mixed group of Nihydron and Hur'q in an assault on Lessu, which led to the northern region being secured by the Alliance.

Capital assaultEdit

Scattered assaults by Scoodian forces led by General Antono Refa attempted to retake the cities and halt the Alliances advancement on their planet. In September of 2548, reinforcements from the Terran Federation landed on the planet led by general Nickolai Jenkins as a means to take the capital.

Utilizing the Yellow Jackets air division, the Alliance managed to lure a majority of General Refas forces away from the city while the 290th Legion attacked the city. This led to the surrender of Emperor Turhan and the end of the Scoodian War.