Dominant Race: Saltah'na
Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Boston
Population: 2 Billion
Satellites: 3
Star: Corus
Star System: Corus system

Coruscant is a Terran Federation colony world.


Over 6,000 years prior to 2626, the planet which is called Coruscant after the fictional planet in Star Wars was home to an apparently saurian species known as the Saltah'na. Ancient ruins found suggested that they had built a planet wide metropolis on the planet. According to records found in the ruins, the planet suffered from ecological collapse when their oceans were poisoned and the rich harbored the food. Soon after, a civil war erupted on the planet between the poor and the rich. The poor lost and were banished to the lowest reaches of the city. Not long after, the planet was bombarded by an unknown force, with most of the population being destroyed.

During the Terran Federations Great Breakout, explorer Susan Ling came across the planet after being contracted by the Terran Federation government. While the Terran Federation saw it as a wasted effort to colonize, Universal Terraform had been contracted to terraform the planets surface in order to render it habitable for Human colonization. What became known as the Genesis Project was rendered successful by the mid-23rd century following the discovery of the Coruscant device which quickly terraformed the surface of the planet.

The first group of colonists were led by a man named Richard Praji, who was interested in the ruins which survived the terraforming and sought to establish a research base on the planet. Over the years, several other professions such as farming and manufacturing made a presence on the planet, leading to Coruscant becoming a prosperous Staple colony.

By the 27th century, Coruscant had grown to support a population of two billion colonists, 40% of which being non-human. During the course of the Gilded Age, Coruscant was caught up in the Sports Renaissance with the founding of its own baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and football. Several minor sports leagues include the Coruscanti Wrestling League. Following the Scoodian War, Corellia was chosen to become home to thousands of refugees.


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