Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Augusta
Star: Epirus
Star System: Epirus system

Ilium is a Terran Federation colony world.


During the last years of the Great Breakout, Ilium was established to serve as a Pioneer colony.

Over the years, trade with the various cultures contacted during the Great Breakout led to Ilium's established wealth as a trade colony. Eventually, Ilium became a prosperous staple colony.

During the Great Breakout, Ilium was caught up in the Sports Renaissance with the establishment of its own baseball, basketball, hockey and football leagues.


Bodies of WaterEdit


Points of InterestEdit


Natural HistoryEdit

Animals native to Ilium include Stagas, Neeks and Hssiss as well as certain species of bat, reptavians and vulture.

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